Hey, where's the I in Destructive?


        I've been asked this from time to time over the years.  The reason actually dates back to around 1996 when I was an adamant AOL user.  At the time AOL screen names were limited to 9 characters, and as you can count, the correct spelling of destructive is 10 letters.  So in order for it to become my screen name, one letter had to go.  I'm not sure what compelled me to take out the 'i' but I did and hence the screen name Destructve was born. 

        In retrospect that wasn't a good idea, I mean, try to say destructive without the 'i'.  You say "destruct-ve" It's not really destructive anymore is it?  So, that explains that.  But then why did I end up using destructve.com as my url all of these years later?  For one, destructive.com was already being squatted on.  But for the most part I had been going by Destructve for a few years both online and in real life during my fighting days.  I said it like you would normally say Destructive but I spelt it as you see above, without the 'i'. 

        Still, the name stuck to me, and it was kind of unique.  So when I had to come up with a URL I was sure this one wasn't going to be taken.  Hence, destructve.com was formed.  And when someone asks for my website address I say, "It's destructive.com, just without the I in destructive."  Usually it draws a strange look but it's fairly easy to remember and so far it's worked out fairly well for me.